How Has New Technology Affected the Modern Workplace?


December 17, 2020

2020 saw the rise of many new tech trends and a shift to a new workplace model, known as the Modern Workplace. The Modern Workplace consists of new cloud technologies, collaborative tools, VoIP phone options, and more. How has new technology affected the modern workplace? Let’s take a look.

New Technology in the Workplace: Microsoft 365

Much of the tech in the modern workplace involves cloud computing. You were probably already using cloud tech in your workplace without even thinking about it. Microsoft 365 is one example of cloud tech. Over a million companies world-wide rely on Microsoft 365 for email, with the US leading the pack at over 651k users of the wildly popular email client.

Microsoft 365 is far more than just email, however, and its easy-to-use applications make it a popular new technology in the workplace for collaboration and connectivity. Teams, Planner, SharePoint and other apps from the full Microsoft 365 suite keep employees productive, on-task, mobile, and connected in a work-from-anywhere environment.

VoIP Brings Telephone Communication into the Future

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) gives businesses the mobility they need to work from anywhere. By breaking the chains of a standard landline, VoIP gives employees increased freedom and flexibility. With VoIP, employees have a phone connection anywhere there is an internet connection.

VoIP uses technologies that place and receive phone calls via an IP address. It is a scalable and more affordable option than traditional landlines.

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5G Internet: New Technology in the Workplace that Increases Productivity

Fifth Generation (5G) internet is the latest trend in internet connections, and will increase internet speeds up to 100 times faster than 4G.

5G requires updated cell towers, transmission frequencies, and other highly technical infrastructure standards. Businesses will benefit from faster remote support, increased productivity for remote teams, increased capacity for Internet of Things devices, and decreases in cyber incidents brought about by slow wi-fi connections.

Automation of Routine Tasks

One handy way new technology in the workplace has helped small to medium-sized businesses is automation. Thanks to new ways to automate routine tasks such as network monitoring, notifications, emails, file sharing, and time management, employees are getting hours back to their week. Of course, this means a happy dance for businesses who see an increase in employee productivity thanks to automating mundane tasks.

This is the age of employee empowerment, and businesses should consider ways to allow self-service portals to take the place of time-consuming HR tasks.

How Does Technology Increase Employee Performance in the Workplace?

New technologies in the workplace increase employee performance, productivity, and happiness by streamlining processes, increasing mobility, enhancing connectivity, and automating routine tasks.

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