How to Choose an IT Consultant in Boulder, CO


July 13, 2023

Regardless of industry size or type, Boulder IT consultants play a massive role in the way companies in the Boulder area do business. While most companies may have their own in-house IT department, many of these departments are small and cannot handle all the necessary tasks. Outsourcing your business’ technological duties to a Boulder IT consultant gives your company access to industry expertise and an increased talent pool. It also frees up time for your in-house team to focus on the tasks that are most important to developing your business and taking advantage of new opportunities. 

What to Consider When Choosing a Boulder IT Consultant 

Selecting the right Boulder IT consultant is crucial for business growth and stability. While there are numerous consulting firms in the Boulder area, each company provides different services and areas of expertise. When evaluating Boulder IT consultants, we recommend incorporating the following six criteria into your considerations. 

  1. Service offerings
  2. Flexible solutions
  3. Industry experience
  4. Budget
  5. References and reviews
  6. Local consultants 

Service offerings 

A Boulder IT consultant’s service offerings and packages make up the bulk of the value they provide as a consultant. It is important to understand what services your business needs so you can evaluate whether or not a service provider meets those demands. For example, a consultant that specializes only in cyber security may not be the best partner if your primary goal is to expand your network’s capacity. Common services offered by Boulder IT consultants include cybersecurity, network connectivity improvements, IT consulting, and cloud support. Many top consultants also offer managed IT packages which can include specialized IT systems, as well as an IT team dedicated to your businesses. Prioritizing consultants that offer these services can save you valuable time and money in the long run. 

Flexible solutions 

Technological architecture often determines whether an IT solution can scale with a business. When a network solution or data storage system is unable to meet your business’ increasing needs, replacement can be costly. The best Boulder IT consultants offer scalable IT solutions that can grow with your company. The increasing rate of technological advancement in Boulder has made scalability vital to business growth and development. MSPs in Boulder provide technology solutions that address your current pain points while leaving room to scale for long-term needs. 

Here at Integris, our managed IT packages enable you to scale your business without compromising your productivity or current infrastructure. With state-of-the-art infrastructure strategy, 24/7 help desk support, and cutting-edge cybersecurity monitoring, you can be sure your business will be adequately supported and protected as it grows. Schedule a free 10-minute consultation today to learn more about our flexible, scalable IT solutions. 

Industry experience 

Whether you’re looking for guidance on a specific issue or are trying to supplement your current IT capacities, an experienced consultant with knowledge of your industry will be more effective than a general partner. It is not worth starting a consulting process with a company if it does not provide the type of solutions and services your company requires. Many industries have constantly evolving security and compliance standards of which IT consultants must be knowledgeable. Know beforehand what the consultants offer and avoid wasting time and money. A worthy Boulder IT consultant will have experience handling cyberattacks specific to your industry, a thorough understanding of industry applications and trends, as well as a history of successfully servicing similar clients. 

With over twenty years of experience servicing clients in a variety of industries, Integris is your all-around Boulder IT expert. Our team has the expertise to configure and update industry specific applications and the cybersecurity capabilities to protect against niche malware and attacks. To learn more about our industry expertise and how we can help grow your Boulder business, schedule a free 10-minute consultation with our team today.  

Know your budget 

Setting a realistic and detailed budget before meeting with Boulder IT consultants will help you find the best services available at your price point. Consultants may price their services in a variety of ways depending on the scale and scope of the project. While some may charge by the hour, others may charge by the project or set a retainer fee. A realistic and detailed budget quote will provide your Boulder IT consultant with an idea of available funds as they plan IT solutions for your company. Finding the right consultant who meets your budgetary restraints as soon as possible will save your business valuable time and money. When calculating your company’s overall expenses, be sure to factor in consulting fees, which can often derail budgets if not adequately accounted for. 

Check out references and reviews 

Hiring a Boulder IT consultant is a serious investment, as in many cases, you pay a flat fee for an entire project. If the consultant underperforms or fails to complete projects, you can be left having spent thousands without tangible results. Unless you’ve had previous experience with a consultant, references and reviews will be a valuable source of information when evaluating consultants. Ideally, checking references should be one of the final stages in your search for a reliable Boulder IT consultant after you have already considered price, services, and other components. While many consultants will list their best reviews on their website, a more accurate depiction of their capabilities may be found on the business’ Google Business profile or through the Better Business Bureau. As a supplement to reviews, it can also be prudent to consider a MSP’s partnerships with leaders in related industries. These partnerships can indicate that a consultant has established a strong reputation, which can help them procure services at a lower rate. 

As a nationally recognized MSP, Integris has gold-level partnerships with some of the nation’s top software providers. Our Boulder team provides businesses in the area with affordable IT solutions that support both in-person and remote teams. Contact our office today to learn more about how we support Boulder businesses like yours. 

Consider local consultants 

Small and medium-sized businesses in Boulder will often find that they are best supported by a local IT consultant rather than a remote, national provider. Local IT consultants can perform all the tasks their virtual counterparts can perform with the added benefit of personal interaction and fast response times. A local consultant can offer face-to-face meetings, personal support, and a more unique working relationship. Where remote partners may take days to diagnose in-house infrastructure faults, local IT providers in Boulder can also send technology experts to your Boulder office to rectify them seamlessly within minutes. Partnering with a managed IT services provider in your local area can reduce stress, help you get issues resolved quicker, and bring a level of assurance and confidence. 

Contact Integris Today 

Reliable and efficient IT services are critical to organizational success within the Boulder business landscape. As a leading Boulder IT consultant, Integris offers a robust service package that includes cybersecurity, managed IT services, network connectivity, consulting and more. To discover how our Boulder IT capabilities can help propel your business forward, schedule a free 10-minute consultation with our team here at Integris today.

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