Core Components of an IT Strategic Plan


January 30, 2020

A Look at the Core Components of an IT Strategic Plan

The Comprehensive IT Strategic plan is an integral part of business operations. Make sure your plan is just as it needs to be with Integris.  

In 2020, every good business needs two primary types of plans: an overall strategy or plan for the way the business operates and functions and a good, strategic IT plan. While the C-levels and business owners within a company will work diligently to create a business plan, the responsibility of creating a good strategic IT plan often gets pushed onto whoever is available to do it. However, both plans have such an intertwined nature that creating both should actually be a collaborative effort.

The overall business plan determines or sets forth the goals, outlook, and objections of the company as a whole. Revenue goals, best practices, and more will go into this plan. The IT strategic plan is similar but based on a different aspect of the company’s operation. Here is a look at the core components of an IT plan that could be deemed as strategic and effective.

1. The Vision and Mission of the Company

In business, the vision and mission statement acts a bit as the foundation of everything else that happens in the business. It is a basic summary of goals, values, purpose, etc. The strategic IT plan is just as concise and just as important. The company must know what its vision and mission are with the use of technology right from the beginning. This necessary foundation becomes the springboard that all other IT ideas are based on, which allows for a streamlined, organized arrangement for all of the IT solutions of the business.

2. Statements of Risk Appetite

How much risk is the business willing to accept as it works to reach certain IT objectives? Without knowing the risk appetite, it is easy to utilize financial resources for certain IT strategies in a way that is not the most effective. If you are working with a good technology solutions company, the risk appetite will be one of the first things that the company tries to work with you to establish because it holds such underlying importance to every decision that is made going forward.

3. The Detailed IT Roadmap

This component of the strategic IT plan is perhaps the most all-encompassing and time-consuming to create, or at least, it should be. This road map of sorts is designed for tracking initiatives and it should be revisited time and time again to review and make sure the plan still aligns with the business practices. This detailed plan of action will include ideas and objectives, such as:

  • What current technology standards affect the business and how the business will comply
  • How regulations, state and federal, will come into play with business operations
  • How to contain costs and achieve process improvement with IT solutions
  • How technology implements will aid in customer service or performance of the company as a whole

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The more comprehensive a business’s Strategic IT plan is, the more it will prove valuable to the operation of the business both now and down the road. If you are working to achieve a good strategic IT plan for your business or organization, it is best to bring in the aid of a good technology solutions provider. Integris is a technology solutions company that serves the Washington, DC and Baltimore Metro areas. Reach out to us to find out more about the services we provide that are ever-valuable for the modern-day business.

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