Looking to Buy Hardware or Software? Iconic IT Saves You Time and Money, No Services Sign-Up Required


February 9, 2021

Integris, an industry leading Managed Services Provider, is also a reseller of the hardware and software you need to keep your business moving forward whether you are a current client or not. So why should you choose Integris to buy hardware and software?

Businesses can Buy Software and Hardware Without Using Our Managed IT Services

Integris will equip your office with the technology you need, even if it’s just a one-time IT project. We can help your IT department equip your offices, or just help you upgrade your older, outdated technologies.

Integris Can Help You Understand What Your Business Needs

The friendly professionals at Integris can help you understand what you really need when you buy hardware or software. We don’t believe in selling tech just to sell tech; we provide you strategic guidance to make sure you get the most out of your IT budget.

Integris has Partnerships with Vendors You Already Know and Trust

Integris is a proud partner of many of the big names you already know and trust, like Microsoft, WatchGuard, and Dell. These partnerships mean we have a selection of the hardware and software and can customize your purchases to your business’ unique needs.

Integris Buys Hardware and Software in Volume

Our procurement department buys in volume from our partners. We have a ready supply of the hardware and software your business needs, but if you’re planning upgrades, you may need to order fast.

Brittany Tebben, Integris Inside Sales Specialist, explains, “We have been experiencing longer than normal lead times for laptops and PCs due to major parts shortages at manufacturers. We highly recommend that our clients order early if they will need machines in the upcoming months.”

Integris Can Purchase Your Hardware and Software, Regardless of Location

Integris ships hardware and software directly to you, regardless of your location. We have partners that will provide hands-on help in cities like LA, Chicago, Phoenix, Miami, Cleveland, Seattle…wherever you are. We will help you purchase and install everything you need to get up and running, anywhere you call “home.”

Integris Saves Time and Money

Integris saves your business time and money by ensuring that every piece of hardware and software is exactly what you need, eliminating “buyer’s remorse” and the need to exchange your purchases. We conduct an assessment to make sure your machines and software “fit” your employees’ daily routines and tasks. We match your hardware and software to the environments where they will be used.

We also eliminate the time, money, and headache of setting up your equipment by doing it for you so it’s right the first time.

Let Integris Take the Stress out of Finding Hardware and Software

Enjoy the benefits of Integris’s experience and partnerships when purchasing software and hardware for your office. You don’t even need to sign on with Integris for managed IT services before or after the purchases are complete.

Contact us now to find out how we can save your business time, stress, and money. Start with a short, no obligation chat with a procurement specialist today.

We're Integris. We're always working to empower people through technology.

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