Managed IT Services Pricing


October 11, 2022

Finding a reliable MSP with transparent managed IT services pricing is cheaper than covering a data breach for most organizations. With data breaches averaging $4.24 million, it begs the question of whether businesses are equipped to handle such risks.

With expert support services from a managed service provider, businesses small to large can cover their current and evolving IT needs cost-effectively.

While most may not have a managed IT services ROI calculator on hand, that doesn’t mean that getting insight into managed IT costs is out of reach.

To discover more information regarding managed IT pricing, this article covers:

  • Why Managed IT Services Pricing Fluctuates
  • Factors That Influence Managed IT Services Rates
  • How Much Does Managed IT Services Cost With CalTech

Why Managed IT Services Pricing Varies

Like fingerprints, no two businesses are the same, nor are their technology needs. For this reason, managed IT services pricing often fluctuates depending on an organization’s:

  • Structure
  • Capabilities
  • Evolving IT needs

That’s why without a managed IT services price list, it’s often difficult for businesses to get an estimate for what they can expect to pay for their managed IT services cost.



Factors That Influence Managed IT Costs

The best route to deducing the average price range and a monthly fee of managed services pricing is by understanding that managed IT services cost can be influenced by a number of factors. For the average business owner, this means consulting an MSP directly for their associated costs while also being mindful of the following factors:

Data Complexity

Sometimes referred to as the cost of complexity, data complexity refers to the costs that are associated with introducing and managing new products, processes or services.

For example, small businesses with five employees tend to have less data complexity than enterprises with hundreds to thousands of employees, processes, and systems.

Number of Users

The rise of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) strategies and remote work have introduced more cyber security risks.

In addition to having to strengthen security coverage for an increased number of devices, like a mobile device or laptop, businesses can expect to pay a higher price point when there are more devices to manage.

When structured as a per user per month service, businesses can expect to pay between $85 to $250 per user per month. For most businesses, this beats paying an hourly rate for an outdated break-fix solution that charges half if not equal rates to per-user monthly coverage.

Number of Servers

The number of servers an organization uses can significantly influence the price of IT management. Similar to the number of users pricing model, when more servers are used, greater complexity is introduced to your network, security measures, IT infrastructure, backups, and more.

For a small business, this may mean having an MSP manage the server in their service offering, whereas enterprises often levy the pros and cons between outsourcing or allowing in-house IT to manage the server.

Evolving IT Needs

Organizations that are looking to remain relevant, competitive, and innovative understand that their IT needs are not constant and that their needs will evolve with the growth of their business.

Unfortunately, not all MSPs are willing to provide scalable solutions for businesses. Therefore, it’s essential that businesses work with providers that offer scalable managed IT solutions.


Learn more about the Benefits of Managed IT Services today.


Service Time Required

MSPs offer a wide range of IT support services for businesses to choose from. With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which services and solutions a business would benefit most from. With help from a reliable MSP, business owners can discover the services and solutions that best fit their needs.

Depending on the structure of the business and the managed IT costs, the service time required can significantly impact an organization’s IT support costs. Service time is known as the dedicated amount of time between a business and an MSP with the goal of fixing IT issues or addressing IT infrastructure concerns.

Industry Verticals

Organizations operating in highly regulated industries increase the complexity of managing their data. Without an ironclad infrastructure, disaster recovery, and advanced business continuity planning, organizations are more susceptible to data breaches and may face compliance fines as high as $50,000 per violation.

Get Insight Into Managed IT Services Pricing With CalTech

With so many factors that influence managed IT costs it can be challenging to know how much managed IT support will cost your business without a managed IT services calculator.

Fortunately, you don’t need the calculator when you partner with us. At CalTech, we build our services around the needs of your organization to ensure alignment and success.

Having supported the IT needs and advancement of more than 160 organizations and 12,000+ end users, we are confident that we can work with you to find a suite of services and solutions that address your needs.

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