Responsive IT Support Testimonials


October 20, 2023

The Integris Family is skipping into fall with big smiles as our tech team continues to receive positive testimonials for responsive IT support.

Our top performers are praised every Friday via Teams in a series called Five Star Fridays.

Five-star client reviews are the gold standard in customer satisfaction (CSAT). We choose winners from client ratings in automated surveys that follow every help desk support ticket submitted to Integris.

Integris would like to thank our busy clients for taking the time to provide insights and actionable data we can use to reward, develop, and grow our team of IT support superstars.

The following client testimonials are raw and only slightly filtered with a few grammatical enhancements.


Responsive IT Support in Maryland

“My domain was unavailable, and Mason was very helpful in assisting me with my issue, allowing me to care for my patients while working from home. Mason was swift, very knowledgeable, and professional.” 


Responsive IT Support in Dallas

“Jason was very helpful and quickly followed up with me after our first conversation to see if I was able to get the necessary USB cable for the printer. Despite my inability to find one, Jason was able to install the printer drivers and got me all set up for business when my cable arrived. Thank you.”


IT Support in Tyler, TX

“I had several issues at our location, and every time I’ve opened a ticket, Cole is always so helpful. I really appreciate the way he makes it easier to understand technical details and directions, so I can grasp what needs to be done. He always walks me through the resolution process in plain English versus technical jargon.”


Responsive IT Support in Rochester

“Without scan-to-email capabilities, our agency is crippled. Thank goodness we opened a ticket with Amy at Integris. Of course, she took care of it right away for us. We can always count on her to keep us running in full-service mode.”


Responsive IT Support in Wichita

“My sweet Stephen is always a joy to work with. He precisely identified exactly what I needed to be installed and fixed both issues in the blink of an eye. Oh, and I love Adam, Daniel, and the rest of you, but Stephen saved the day today.”


Responsive IT Support in Maryland

“Joshua of the Integris IT team has been exceptional at his work. And his attention to detail is another great bonus to working with him. I’m quite pleased and grateful for the help and assistance he’s provided multiple times. He nails it every time I reach out.”


Responsive IT Support in Ft. Worth

“Todd was great. He was wonderfully pleasant to talk with, extremely knowledgeable, and fixed my problem immediately. He walked me through the troubleshooting process, pinpointed my issue, and had me back to work in no time. I really love the high quality, pleasant technical support I receive from Integris.”


IT Support in Austin

“Alex was professional, respectful, and quick to solve our issue.”


Responsive IT Support in New Jersey

“Once I connected with Christian, my problem was resolved within seconds. He also  took the time to understand the root cause of my issue in the event my colleagues have a similar experience, so it can be nipped in the bud.”


Responsive IT Support in Dallas

“Kris is always very knowledgeable whenever I need tech support. He also makes the calls enjoyable with interesting and personable conversation, so I’m not just sitting there listening to silence.”


Responsive IT Support in Denver

“Scott is always very helpful and courteous. Just awesome! And I always appreciate how fast he solves any problems that pop up.”


Responsive IT Support in Rochester

“This morning, when an issue resurfaced, Amy immediately got back on it and diligently figured out a fix. She is very responsive and always troubleshoots efficiently and effectively.”


Responsive IT Support in Tyler, TX

“Anthony is always extremely helpful, courteous, diligent, and detailed. We appreciate him.”


Responsive IT Support in Wichita

“Jennifer was able to get the issue resolved immediately. She was very helpful and quickly solved our problem. I had a great customer service experience, as usual.”


Responsible IT Architecture Enables Responsive IT Support  

Responsible IT Architecture and responsive IT support go hand in hand.

What is Responsible IT Architecture in non-technical language? 

  • A proven process to monitor, manage, support, and secure IT systems to drive client success
  • Up-to-date hardware, software, and integrations
  • Ongoing strategic IT planning to ensure client budgets reflect security and compliance frameworks
  • Responsive IT support by design

This convergence maximizes uptime, cyber protection, efficiency, and quicker recovery when a problem arises. 

Furthermore, when you combine hard-to-find soft skills with technical chops, Integris clients work with friendly engineers who aren’t weighted down with workarounds, a mountain of open tickets, and surprise issues they’ve never encountered.

Please schedule a discovery session to learn more about the drivers of responsive IT support.

Jed is a Solution Advisor at Integris who has specialized in MSP solution development, sales, and marketing communications since 2003.

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