Security Best Practices For Architectural Firms


October 10, 2013


In this age of rapidly expanding computer networks and Internet economies, data and network security are of increasing importance. Today, security challenges are a top priority for every company.

For architectural firms, managing their reputation and providing optimal customer service is of primary importance. In order to do this they must adopt the following best practices for security.

  • Data Encryption

Stored data and across-the-wire transfers must always be encrypted. Architectural firms benefit from data encryption and user authentication tools to maintain the confidentiality of product designs, test-market results, and patent applications. Encryption is essential to protecting this sensitive data, as well as preventing data theft.

  • Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

We live in a digital age where technology is used for most business operations. Disaster recovery and business continuity planning can prevent the catastrophic effects of data loss. Architectural firms must retain project documents for legal purposes, for future alterations, and historical documentation.   If this data gets lost or stolen, a backup and disaster recovery plan prevents total loss of important documents.

  • Auditing

It’s important for architectural firms to regularly conduct IT audits to monitor, identify, alert, and block the flow of data into and out of a network. In addition, auditing can help locate and correct errors in business processes.

  • Anti-Spam Software

In order for an architectural firm to utilize their design software, computers and electronic devices must be up and running properly at all times.  For any anti-spam software to be successful, it must be kept up-to-date. Keep in mind that anti-virus software isn’t enough; organizations must also use a comprehensive endpoint security solution, including anti-virus, personal firewall, and intrusion detection.

  • Educate Your Users

Educating your users is the most important non-hardware, non-software solution available. Informed users behave more responsibility, and take fewer risks with valuable company data.

Security should be considered an investment, not an expense. By investing in computer and network security measures that meet evolving business requirements, an architectural firm can maintain a positive reputation and continue its journey to success.

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