Disaster Recovery Services

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Your network and data security need more than just a firewall to prepare your business for the worst.

From simple human error to massive ransomware break-ins, there are undoubtedly hundreds of disruptions that can threaten your business’s productivity and reputation. Being proactive and having a Backup/Disaster Recovery Plan (BDR) as well as reliable IT support services to promote business continuity has the potential to keep you afloat when the water gets rough.

Do you know if your backups are actually working? Your BDR process should involve not only backing up all of your company’s data, including documents, applications, emails and other resources, but also routine tests and updates to ensure every piece of data is accounted for.

Has your IT provider discussed terms like RPO and RTO with you? You should know how long it will take your provider to restore your business from backup. A good backup doesn’t do you any good if it will take a week to get your business up and running again. 

Do you have a warm site and remote access to help with business continuity? Especially in times of natural disasters with power outages and displacements, these extra tools in your technology belt can mean the difference between 2-3 hours of downtime or 2-3 days of downtime. 

How it works

As we mentioned, proactive planning is pivotal in building a disaster recovery plan suited to your business, allowing you to pinpoint every piece of information you need to account for should an emergency strike. Knowing what you need to do is half the battle!
Total data backup, storage, testing and BDR implementation procedure during a real incident encompass your network’s protection strategy.

Backups are regularly updated and tested to ensure that all of your data is accounted for and completely secured. When tides take a turn for the worst, you have the peace of mind knowing that your information is saved for you.

Success Story

The Company

FGI Finance is a global commercial finance firm with clients in over 60 countries. They provide middle market companies with business loans and various financial products/services to meet their business needs. Their in-depth understanding of international trade and its complexities equips their clients with both the expertise and the ideal financing resources needed to prosper on a global scale.

The Need

When Sandy hit, lower Manhattan was particularly devastated. The waters rose so quickly and flooded so throughly that FGI lost power, internet, and access to their entire building for two months.

The imminent threat consisted of the loss of productivity for 82 staff members and the loss of business with hundreds of clients and constituents around the world. But this threat was averted, thanks to the plan FGI and Integris had put into place prior to Hurricane Sandy’s arrival.

The Solution

As part of our plan, FGI had a virtual backup of their server at a warm site. FGI made an invaluable business decision to implement this before disaster struck. As a result, all of FGI’s data was backed up to an offiste remote center. In the early morning after Sandy hit, Integris contacted FGI to implement a plan of action that had FGI’s servers running and remotely accessible that same afternoon.

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