Backup & Disaster Recovery Services

Maximize security with Integris Cloud BDR

Strategic cloud backup and disaster recovery - one of the most proactive defenses against cyber attacks and data loss.

Businesses face constant threats from costly, time-consuming data loss disasters. These disruptions sap productivity and increase legal exposure.   

Countless external, internal, accidental, and intentional forces are behind this troubling trend. Even worse, causal factors continuously change while new ones arrive, turning your business into a moving target. 

Do you want to stay ahead of malware, power failures, fire damage, natural disasters, hardware accidents, random system crashes, file deletion, and theft? 

Don’t rely on legacy backup applications and appliances. Integris has two proven cloud solutions to prevent data loss and ensure your team recovers under the most challenging circumstances.  


Cloud Backup

Reliable, compliance-grade backups for your server infrastructure require a dual approach. Your digital assets need two forms of backup: onsite and in the cloud. 

With Integris cloud storage services, you reduce the risk of data loss and downtime with reliable backup and fast restores. Integris does a complete image-level backup of your server(s) to an onsite backup device and then sends that full image to the cloud for an additional copy of your data.  

Or copies because we can also mirror your data backups across several geographically diverse data centers. 

This BDR service includes daily test restores to guarantee the backups are working and the ability to run 100% of your business in the cloud if onsite assets are impaired. 


Microsoft 365 Backup

While Microsoft 365 (M365) gives businesses incredible collaboration and file-sharing agility, M365 does not automatically back up all of your data.  

Microsoft is not a stand-alone data restoration solution. It’s easy for M365 data to be accidentally deleted, infected by ransomware, or corrupted by employees.  

Relying on the recycle bin as a temporary backup solution is not the answer. For instance, after thirty days, deleted emails are gone forever and can’t be recovered. 

These variables make your data vulnerable. That’s why archiving and recovering M365 files is an integral part of a business data protection plan. 

Integris managed service plans close this critical protection gap by securely backing up, restoring, and managing your M365 applications, including emails, files, and tasks in SharePoint, Teams, Exchange Online, Groups, and OneDrive. 

Using TLS or SSL connections and military-grade encryption with 256-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), we ensure your data is safe in transit and at rest. 

M365 data backup solutions employ multiple Microsoft clouds. Integris can also strengthen your performance by augmenting M365 with an onsite data backup appliance. 

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