3 Ways to Speed Up WiFi to Improve Guest Experiences and Boost Productivity


September 4, 2019

Speed Up WiFi to Improve Guest Experiences and Boost Productivity

Is your guest WiFi more of a frustration than a perk? Make sure your guests (and staff!) stay productive with fast, secure WiFi services for your business.  

Whether you realize it or not, your internet connection can have a major impact on your business. From poor productivity in your office to guests that are frustrated with slow WiFi, the quality of your network and business infrastructure is an important consideration when you are reviewing the overall guest experience. Recent research shows that the value of positive customer experience is likely to overtake price and product as the most important differentiating factor by 2020. Here are 3 suggestions for speeding up that WiFi connection to boost staff productivity and improve your customer experience.

1. Review Router Locations

Many businesses begin with a central location and a single router and wonder why their signal degrades over time. If you are finding that your WiFi access is slowing down, it’s possible that it’s time for an upgrade. Review where your routers are located and consider working with a networking partner to determine where the best locations are for full WiFi coverage for your business. Integris recommends Ubiquiti Wireless for unlimited scalability and exceptional control of your business WiFi. You also want to be sure your router is not placed too close to other electronic devices such as televisions, speakers and high-power cords.

2. Separate Employee and Guest WiFi

It’s rarely necessary to have the same level of WiFi access for your customers or guests as you do for staff members. WiFi can be a hidden weak spot in your security, and it only takes one person with the know-how to infiltrate your business network. When you have a separate WiFi platform for your staff and your guests, you can more successfully balance speed and security for each audience. With your staff WiFi, you might want to limit access to social media and video streaming sites, while it’s unlikely that you would limit guests in the same way. This helps you maintain a consistent experience for staff — who are then able to offer exceptional service to your guests.

3. Consider Switching Frequencies

Is your router fully optimized or do you still have a need for speed? Your network administrator has an interface that allows for fine-tuning of your router and networking. Some businesses find that switching from the 2.4GHz band to the 5GHz band can help reduce interference from other devices. Keep in mind that this is a balancing act — while the 5GHz offers faster speeds, there is a trade-off in the strength of the signal and how far it will reach.

WiFi Support In Baltimore and Washington

Why take a chance on a poor guest experience due to poor WiFi, especially when there’s such a simple and relatively inexpensive fix? Improve efficiency for your staff and create a speedy network that your guests will appreciate when you contact the professionals at Integris today at 443-252-3947. Call to book your complimentary assessment or fill out our quick form online for more information.

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