Tech Council of Maryland


October 30, 2012

The Tech Council of Maryland (TCM) is Maryland’s largest technology trade association which brings its 500 plus members access to technology industry leaders in Maryland, DC and Virginia. TCM has two divisions which provide valuable resources and benefits to help businesses succeed. The MdTech serves the advanced technology community and MdBio serves the Maryland biotechnology community.

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Why Baltimore Businesses Are Turning to Outsourced IT Services

Whether you are a legal firm, manufacturing company, or digital marketing company, your business relies on technological infrastructure and security to maintain operations, market products, and secure customer information and data. While some businesses have the...

Integris: Top IT Service in Atlanta & Baltimore 2023

Integris: Top IT Service in Atlanta & Baltimore 2023

Here at Integris, we believe that the key to success is human-centered solutions. Coming together in 2021, we’re a young yet formidable team that’s committed to providing the best services from coast to coast. From cybersecurity monitoring to CISO compliance, our IT...



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