Future of Managed IT: Atlanta Market Trends


June 8, 2023

In recent years, managed IT services have become increasingly popular for businesses of all sizes in the Atlanta market. With the increase in technological advancements, many companies are seeking expert support to help manage their IT infrastructure in order to stay competitive in their industries while protecting their most valuable information. There are many reasons to invest in IT services: from developing an IT strategy for your Atlanta business to prioritizing compliance regulations, reducing costs, and optimizing your hybrid or remote business operations. Outsourcing these services is a clear solution for businesses who want to advance their success and focus on providing their customers with the best services and products possible.  

Atlanta, GA is one of the leading tech hubs in the nation. Apple, Microsoft, and Visa all have offices in the city, leveraging it as a technology incubator. Unfortunately, with success comes susceptibility. As the city evolves in business and tech, it remains critical that institutions and companies secure their information and customers’ data as cyber threats increase. For this reason, managed IT services in Atlanta are becoming increasingly important.

Watch for these 4 trends in managed IT services 

Many managed IT services achieve a higher level of service and security than a business can provide. So, the demand for IT in Atlanta is rapidly growing. As new challenges and possibilities arise for the industry, we look deeper at how businesses can prepare to stay ahead of the curve. We will uncover some of the most valuable insights into the future of the managed IT services industry as well as current and projected trends you should be aware of. 

  • Adopting multi-cloud computing strategy to improve operations
  • Edge computing versus cloud computing 
  • Cybersecurity solutions to protect your business and your customers
  • Utilizing data analytics and automation to streamline your IT infrastructure

Adopting a multi-cloud computing strategy to improve operations 

With an increasing interest in cloud services in Atlanta, more and more companies are recognizing the value of IT management. Unsurprisingly, being agile, efficient, and cost-effective are among the top priorities of businesses. And with the development of new cloud computing services, there are many options to achieve these goals. Currently, businesses are learning that there are major advantages to diversifying their services across multiple cloud providers. According to Forbes,

“This is a strategy known as taking a multi-cloud approach, and it offers a number of advantages, including improved flexibility and security. It also prevents organizations from becoming too tied into one particular ecosystem – a situation that can create challenges when cloud service providers change the applications they support or stop supporting particular applications altogether. And it helps to create redundancy that reduces the chance of system errors or downtime from causing a critical failure of business operations.” 

If cloud providers change their services, it is important to diversify so that your business applications can be ported to new platforms with ease and little disruption to workflow. In addition to adopting a multi-cloud strategy for your Atlanta business, consider the trend of Artificial Intelligence (AI). Learning tasks, powering cyber security solutions, and providing improved insights into customer data are just a few of the reasons that more businesses are using AI. Building an AI infrastructure is time-consuming and demands the skills of experts. For your Atlanta managed IT services, trust Integris to deliver advanced solutions using our cutting-edge technology and learn more about how we are using AI. 

Edge computing versus cloud computing 

Cloud computing has become an essential tool for contemporary businesses. Yet, one of the leading trends in IT is the alternative service of edge computing, which delivers the opposite of cloud computing. Distributed through a computing paradigm that brings computer data storage closer to the location where it is needed, edge computing reduces latency as information is processed locally and is easier to scale. Edge computing also allows unprecedented access to big data, including for devices that are always on, continually connected, and generating consistent data for future analysis. With faster processing, edge computing provides increased data transmission, security, and efficiency making it an excellent option for your businesses cloud strategy.

When considering this type of computing, it’s important to know that this type of equipment can take up a substantial amount of space and can come at a large cost. Integris can help you understand if edge computing is right for your business and provide insight regarding managed IT services and solutions for your Atlanta business. 

Cybersecurity solutions to protect your business and your customers 

For more valuable insight into the future of IT management in the Atlanta market, it is important to understand the security threats that face businesses today. Companies are regularly exposed to new threats as the digitization of services, including financial, increases. Creating resilient systems really is a non-negotiable. What we are seeing regarding IT security trends is an emphasis on improved security measures that IT service providers are experts in deploying and managing. This means less time spent worrying about security and more time spent doing what you do best. 

With more devices connected to the internet than ever before, there are increased security risks, including malware and cyber breaches, that could instantly shut down your business or stop workflow. This could result in the loss of thousands of dollars and precious time spent repairing the damage. According to IBM’s Cost of a Data Breach Report in 2021, it takes, on average, 287 days to identify and contain a breach with the global average cost of a breach costing $4.24 million. Integris understands what it means to be ahead of the competition. Our people-first company prioritizes customer experience while delivering advanced IT services and solutions to the Atlanta market. To safeguard your business, Integris provides expertly-designed infrastructure that ensures your employees, customers, and vendors have the highest level of protection with basic to advanced programs. Some of our most popular security solutions include:

Utilizing data analytics and automation to streamline your IT infrastructure

When protecting your business’s most precious assets, it’s important to know that cyber threats never take a night off. It takes continuous management and awareness to safeguard your Atlanta business against rapidly growing threats. Over recent years, there is a growing need for more complex IT infrastructures that are utilizing advanced technology and processes. One of these tools is data analytics which can quickly sort your data, saving you time and money. IT service providers use these analytics for your unique business needs to help backup critical files and data. Integris does this through our Business Continuity Plan which guarantees that the right data is safe when a natural disaster or cyber breach occurs. 

In addition to analytics, Integris’ Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) services use specialists who respond in real-time to security incidents and suspicious activity. They are able to analyze massive amounts of log data at once and notify you when there’s an incident through our automated services. Not only is your business’s data protected but so is your customer’s. Their loyalty and trust can be the difference between your businesses success or failure. 

What to expect for the future of managed IT services 

We have outlined some of the leading trends in IT services here, but remember that the industry is changing rapidly. A few other factors are likely to shape the Atlanta market in the coming years. Operational resiliency means creating systems and processes for your business that are protected, responsive, and monitored 24/7. The most impactful factors in the industry will be the ones that increase security and create automated and seamless operations. Blockchain and IoT are some of the most important technologies for sharing transactions. Meanwhile, AI continues to automate mundane tasks as well as progress the way businesses offer their services. Highly personalized services are being leveraged by AI, resulting in more appealing options for customers that can help businesses advance their offerings and audience. 

The future is bright, yes, but when it comes to managing these services and technologies, businesses in Atlanta must be utilizing industry experts. This is where Integris comes in. Our in-house expertise, resources, and current technologies are helping companies of all sizes advance to the next level. 

Stay ahead of the curve with these managed IT services in Atlanta 

Whether you’re a small business owner or a CIO at a large enterprise, it is essential to prioritize your IT services in Atlanta. With more and more technology institutions coming to the city, there is a demand for businesses to upgrade to complex IT infrastructures to ensure their safety and security. Staying up-to-date with new AI features for more seamless automation, developing a multi-cloud computing strategy, and investing in cybersecurity measures like regular vulnerability assessments are a few ways to invest in your company’s success. 

Trust Integris to manage your Atlanta business’s IT services 

There are major trends and projections that face the managed IT services industry in Atlanta. Integris is your all-in-one IT partner to face these challenges with preparedness and premium technology solutions. Get in touch with Integris today to set up a free 10-minute consultation for your business.

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