The 5 Biggest Tech Companies in San Antonio, Texas


February 16, 2023

While San Antonio is known for many things like its strong military presence, rich Hispanic culture and warm weather, there’s no question that San Antonio is also a tech-friendly city. With so many top San Antonio tech companies, no wonder the city is where innovation and technology thrive. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at the top 5 largest tech companies in San Antonio and how they’re making waves in the city’s economy.

To make things simple, each company will be listed with a brief description of its history, operations and how it relies on information technology to function each day. Plus, we’ll also be exploring how these San Antonio technology companies are also using IT effectively to operate daily and stay competitive.


The 5 Big Tech Companies in San Antonio to Keep on Your Radar

These large tech companies in San Antonio are the ones to watch out for! From classic tech spaces to financial service and healthcare, these technology companies based in San Antonio provide valuable services to the city itself and even the country as a whole.


1. ServiceNow

ServiceNow is on the move, pushing boundaries and boldly transforming how work gets done. By delivering cloud-based solutions that streamline digital workflow processes, they are revolutionizing productivity for businesses around the world.

With a strong customer base of 7400+ companies (including 80% of Fortune 500), their team has earned well‑deserved recognition as one of FORTUNE’s 100 Best Companies to Work For® – an inspiring testament to ServiceNow’s pioneering impact.

And, of course, IT is as important to their customers as it is to them. Without it, they wouldn’t be able to continuously deliver innovative solutions to their client base.


2. Applied Research Solutions

Since 2012, ARS has become a trusted partner for the Department of Defense and Intelligence Community.

With offices in Dayton, Ohio and San Antonio, this rapidly growing small business provides unparalleled expertise across many areas including cyber solutions, information technology support services, research & education programs, program management, engineering, logistics, space systems, analysis, scientific test & evaluation as well as intelligence solutions – all delivered with fully-cleared professionals to tackle their customers’ biggest challenges!

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As with any research and development technology solutions firm, their technology services would fall by the wayside of the American economy without the liberal use of daily IT to help them discover the right solutions for businesses that rely on their development services.


3. PracticeMax

PracticeMax is a national leader in revolutionizing the way senior living and medical providers operate.

From EHR solutions to revenue cycle management, PracticeMax offers an expansive array of technology-driven services that are tailored to fit each organization’s individual needs – from hospitals and physician groups, all the way down to billing services. With decades of experience dedicated to transforming healthcare practices with impactful results, PracticeMax serves as a technological innovator within their industries.

Naturally, the use of IT within the healthcare service industry is tantamount to reliable patient care and accurate record keeping. The software products and application management support they rely upon often requires managed IT services in order to maintain the high quality of service that the medical industry holds itself to.


4. AllianceBernstein

AllianceBernstein (AB) is a global leader in investment management, offering groundbreaking research and innovative solutions to clients on the world stage.

An expansive firm with $500 billion assets under their watchful eye, AB cultivates an inspiring culture of diverse thinking that encourages collaboration and fresh perspectives when tackling complex investing challenges.

At each level within the organization they strive for responsible practices while championing ingenuity as part of their commitment to finding unique avenues towards success.

And considering the sheer volume of financial data they process each day, AB often relies upon award-winning IT consulting services as well as IT management in order to maintain various regulatory compliances but also to innovate and drive new technology solutions forward.


5. CalTech

At the start of 1988, Bob Calabrese began a custom software development company in his own garage – little did he know that 10 years later it would evolve into something incredible. Enter Will Welch and Brent McCasland, business graduates from Angelo State University who boldly invested $600 and two credit cards to launch Outback Computer Service in 1995.

This ambitious endeavor paid off when their strong financials attracted CalTech’s attention; merging with Outback Computers gave them exactly what they needed for growth! Fast-forward to late 1998 when Mr. Welch and Mr. McCasland assumed full ownership of this now stronger brand: an inspiring story with humble beginnings that could only be called a success.

CalTech’s success continues to attract outstanding individuals and esteemed clients, solidifying its place as a premier tech company in Texas. The prestigious organization has earned the title of one of Texas’ Best Companies to Work for an astounding eight consecutive years – recognized by respected business organizations such as the Texas Association of Business, Society for Human Resource Management, and even Texas Monthly!

Big Tech Companies in San Antonio


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