Ubiquiti Wireless Networking in Baltimore


September 22, 2019

Ubiquiti Wireless Networks

When it comes to your business WiFi, the quality of the solutions you select can make a big difference. Ubiquiti Networks provides an enterprise-scale solution for mid-size WiFi networks for employees and guests. Quick visibility into the devices and individuals connected to your network, intrusion notifications and other controls help ensure that your network stays protected at all times. Market reviews from current users speak to the ease of setup and use of Ubiquiti devices as well as the high level of security available for businesses of all sizes.

Ubiquiti Wireless Networks

Are You Providing Your Staff and Guests with Secure and Reliable WiFi Technology?

Guests expect free WiFi at their favorite restaurants, hotels and other service providers. Fortunately, you can provide a great guest experience while maintaining network security.

There are few things more frustrating for people today than a slow internet connection, especially when there’s an expectation that secure and fast WiFi is being provided. Staff members and guests have an expectation that quick access to their favorite media or business applications should be only a few taps away, but what happens when your WiFi network is slow or continually drops connections? It’s an unfortunate reality, but this lack of solid connection to the internet could be the basis of a highly negative review posted to social media. Fortunately, there is a quick fix to this common struggle that will allow you to upgrade your WiFi security and network access at the same time.

Security is Paramount for WiFi Networks

WiFi without the proper level of security can be considered a tunnel directly into your business applications, ready and waiting for a hacker to take advantage of the information being accessed by your staff and guests or stored within your business applications. Finding the right balance of ease of use with a high degree of security is often a challenge that results in slower-than-expected networks that are still lacking in the features guests need to feel confident in their network access point. Each additional click or poor user experience can erode consumer confidence in your brand or cause irritation with your guests, but nothing is worse than a guest learning that their personal information was infiltrated while they were connected to your WiFi network.

Boost Staff Productivity and Reduce Downtime

Downtime and lost productivity can cost your business thousands of dollars every month, but this loss can be difficult to quantify. If your staff is spending an extra minute or two per transaction waiting on a WiFi network to connect to your business systems, their irritation can be compounded by guest frustration — creating a poor experience all around. Speedy connections allow employees to make the most of their valuable time and can help improve attitudes and reduce wait times while also keeping your operations humming smoothly.

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