Windows XP End-of-Life: What Computer Should I Buy?


As we discussed in a previous blog, Windows XP support will end April 8, 2014. For some businesses the most practical solution is to simply replace each machine, which begs the question “What computer should I buy?”

If you have an IT service provider, your account manager is the best person to ask. However, if you’re a business owner, office manager or company appointed IT hero taking on the replacement tasks, we have some guidelines to help you.

If you are replacing a business machine it is important to get a professional operating system. Home versions do not have the capabilities to connect to a business network. We still recommend Windows 7.

Technical Specifications

Here are some technical specs to keep in mind:

  • Newer processor (Intel Core i5 for example)
  • At least 4 gb of memory but ideally 8 gb. If you use design, video, architecture or 3D software definitely choose at least 8 gb.
  • 250 gb solid state drive (SSD) 250 gb
  • As far accessories like screens, webcams and a keyboard, those are completely up to the user.

Microsoft Office

There are many reasons you need to be cautious of purchasing a business computer from a retail store, but one of the reasons is Microsoft Office. Most retail computers only have a 90 day trial of Microsoft Office.

Make sure to check which Microsoft Office product you need. There are a number of differences but most notably the software included is different.


We highly recommend 3 year next business day support. The business will benefit if anything goes wrong. For example, if a part needs to be replaced a representative will come to the business site as opposed to having to ship the computer or bringing it to a depot.


It is important to consider how much time preparing the new computer will take once it arrives. A basic new computer install takes 1-2 hours of work. A systems engineer needs to install applications, configure email and printers and move the data. More complex requirements would take 3-4 hours.

If you have an IT provider you want to account for this hourly work if computer setups are not included in your plan.

Recycle The Old Machine

Make sure to have the hard drive wiped and recycle your machine. It is a complimentary service we provide to our clients. Be sure to check with your IT provider.

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Our goal for this blog is to answer the questions you ask. If you have any questions about XP end-of-life, the best computers or any other topic please email me at [email protected]. To learn more about IT subscribe to our blog.



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