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January 9, 2023

IT consulting in North Jersey includes several services that empower businesses to get the best insights and advance their IT infrastructure. By working with the top IT companies in New Jersey, your team has a group of experts to turn to whenever a question arises. Then, you can rely on those professionals to successfully recommend and implement the right-fit solutions for your organization.


IT Consulting North Jersey: What is it?

IT consulting North Jersey is a regional service that offers advanced information technology for businesses of all sizes and industries in the Garden State. New Jersey is home to many successful and tech-enabled businesses, which means they need IT experts to turn to for new initiatives, updates, planning, and more. By partnering with top IT companies in New Jersey, your team has the resources to make the right decision every time – avoiding outages, cyber threats, and any other missteps that slow down your team and reduce resources.


Finding Top IT Companies in New Jersey

So, how do you find the right IT experts to partner with? Ultimately, regardless of the specific service you need for a particular initiative or project, it’s a good idea to find an information technology company who can do more than that single siloed thing. Typically, your business’ technology needs ongoing care and oversight – which is why you should use this opportunity to find one of the top IT companies in New Jersey who can handle whatever additional items arise. At the same time, it’s important to confirm that company’s expertise, capabilities, and pricing to make sure you’re getting the value and the insight you deserve.


Benefits of IT Consulting North Jersey

So, what are the benefits of IT consulting North Jersey? It comes down to assessing the insights they offer, the access they provide to leading solutions and services, and then the value they can promise for those solutions and services:

Insight: When it comes to technology in your industry, you likely have a strong knowledge of the standard solutions that most competitors use. However, getting expert insight comes with the tools to get you ahead with technology. With the right IT consultants in North Jersey, you have an expert that can answer your questions whenever you approach a crossroads.

Access: So, you need a new solution, but you want to make sure you’re getting the best option for your unique organization. Work with an IT company that recommends the best solution based on your needs rather than their business partnerships. It’s about understanding who you are and what you require — and having the resources to connect you with them efficiently and effectively.

Value: One of the best business benefits of IT consulting North Jersey? The return on investment. Working with qualified consultants reduces hours spent on internal research and task management. Simply outsource and get the task completed efficiently by an experienced professional who has done it many times before.


IT Consulting North Jersey: What’s Included

What’s including in IT consulting from top IT companies in New Jersey? This varies depending on which organization you talk to. However, organizations like Integris take a holistic approach to managed IT consulting services for businesses. Our primary service options include virtual chief information security officer (vCISO), project management services, and business continuity, and server virtualization. Get a breakdown of each below:

  • Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)
  • Project Management Services
  • Business Continuity
  • Server Virtualization

Virtual Chief Information Security Officer (vCISO)

How prepared is your business for cyber threats and cyberattacks? If this is not a priority at your organization, it needs to become one — because the number of hackers actively trying to steal organizational data continues to rise. Luckily, many solutions exist to monitor, alert, and address your environment so issues get caught and handled as soon as they show up. A virtual chief information security officer (vCISO) does just that. This service ensures your organization stays ahead with cybersecurity, to align with compliance standards and avoid costly fixes down the line.

A vCISO works with your organization to manage regular third-party security assessments and implement a strong defense framework to protect your network. Many organizations need to meet specific compliance standards or align with vendor risk assessments. A vCISO identifies what your organization needs and takes care of the set-up, maintenance, and training so your cybersecurity framework protects your organization.

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Project Management Services

Have a new initiative or project, but don’t have the bandwidth or specialized expertise to complete it internally? When it comes to technology, these projects should not get pushed down the road. Outdated technology is not only a risk to your organizational cybersecurity, but it can also affect your brand perception from clients. That’s where IT project management services come in.

Whether you need to implement a new organizational solution, a more sophisticated security framework, or more custom support, project management services can take that task off your team’s plate. IT companies like Integris take a holistic approach to these strategies, from initiation, to planning, execution, monitoring, and closure. We act as a highly efficient service to check off that box in your to-do list. Plus, with our expertise, you can rest assured that it’s handled by an expert who understands the complexities of IT and has the experience to find the right solutions.

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Business Continuity

The key to ongoing success in your business is proactive planning for any threats that could arise. A security breach can wreak havoc on an organization and its critical data. Cyber hackers are not just hypothetical “bad guys” that target massive enterprises. They’re real people – and often have a lot of experience creating highly specific schemes to try and tap into your company. Often, smaller organizations are major targets, because they typically do not have the framework or the resources to defend or fight back.

However, that’s where business continuity planning services really shine. IT services like Integris backup and encrypt all your data so only the people who need to access sensitive documents can find them. Then, we create a comprehensive strategy that properly positions your company in case a cyber threat strikes. We build a plan to ensure the impact is minimal, and that your team can continue business as usual. It’s the insurance every organization needs to function without the fear of a major cyber incident.

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Server Virtualization

How can your business streamline processes and make things easier for team members? Server virtualization creates a virtual version of all important IT solutions so a single device can access it all. It means paring down all the extra servers and equipment that cost your business a ton of additional operating cost and time.

Server virtualization is an ideal solution for organizations transitioning to a hybrid or remote workforce because it allows employees to easily access the solutions they need from anywhere. Another major benefit? Updates are easy, meaning your organization does not have to face the risk of outdated technology. Plus, we create automatic backups, so if a cyber disaster occurs, your data is never lost.

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Top IT Companies in New Jersey: Getting Recommendations

If your New Jersey business could use guidance in the next steps for your technology, contact Integris today. Our team of experts can provide a free 10-minute consultation to talk about your business and identify where we can help. If it’s a fit, we can set up a complete strategy session to identify exactly what your team needs to get ahead with technology.


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