25 IT Client Testimonials Praising #PeopleFirst Support


August 15, 2023

People First is one of four Integris values that animate the support team and we have 25 IT client testimonials to prove it.

Top performers receive weekly recognition and praise through our general Teams channel in a series we call Five Star Fridays.

While everyone in a support role is a technical specialist, most citations highlight how Integris employees treat clients as people.

Integris captures client input from every service ticket through an automated survey that clients receive immediately after a ticket is closed. And five stars are the gold standard.

The following testimonials are raw and only slightly edited because AI-assisted writing tools and spell checkers would undermine their authenticity.


IT Client Testimonial #1

“We appreciate Jennifer’s time explaining additional tips for managing Excel files in Teams.”


IT Client Testimonial #2

“Mike was accommodating and knowledgeable in assisting me with my computer issues. I’m very thankful that my computer and network issues are solved. Mike also shared best practices moving forward, which I will apply. Thank you for hiring people like Mike. I’m grateful.”


IT Client Testimonial #3

“When I asked to schedule an appointment with a help desk specialist on a specific day, Integris booked it immediately. Aaron was personable and professional. He knew what to do when encountering a problem specific to our organization. He utilized available resources and persisted until he successfully installed the software as requested, even though it took longer than the original appointment time.”


IT Client Testimonial #4

“Scott was vigilant in updating my database with the latest version of its software. He kept me informed throughout the process by following up to ensure we were all set.”


IT Client Testimonial #5


“This encounter was Cole’s first on-site visit to address our CRM troubles. He made a quick cable change, and the hung-up images quickly went through. He also observed ways to protect the cords and cables to prevent future roller or foot traffic damage. Great catch, Cole!”


IT Client Testimonial #6

“Jason showed me exactly how to change my network password. He logged me out of everything requiring my new credentials and remained on the phone while I signed in with a new password, which was quick and hassle-free.”


IT Client Testimonial #7

“Joshua was excellent, and I loved his flexibility in addressing my issue. He also shared valuable information about Microsoft issues and helped me understand the problem. As always, he was courteous and pleasant to work with.”

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IT Client Testimonial #8

“Rodolfo quickly understood the problems and knew exactly which steps to take. He got everything working correctly in a very timely matter. Excellent tech support call!”


IT Client Testimonial #9

“Tarik is excellent with follow-through and provided the answer we were seeking. He could’ve passed it off to others but instead stayed on the phone and figured it out in an extremely pleasant manner. Tarik is a total keeper.”


IT Client Testimonial #10

“I was extremely pleased with Adam’s service. He was kind, patient, and professional during our interaction. Adam communicated everything he was doing to solve the problem and got assistance from colleagues as needed. Even when Bob had to leave for an appointment, Adam kept working on the problem and called Bob back at the scheduled time as promised to let him know he had resolved the issues.”


IT Client Testimonial #11

“Beau always takes great care of us. Everyone at Integris is always quick to respond to whatever we need, but Beau was amazing.”


IT Client Testimonial #12

“I love Sean’s rapid turnaround and how he helped resolve a second related issue before closing my ticket.”


IT Client Testimonial #13

“Good job, Michael. You knocked it out of the park.”


IT Client Testimonial #14

“This team worked diligently to resolve our issue while keeping us updated throughout the process. In addition, Kris made a suggestion that will help us organize our client QB files to make them easier to work with. We could not be more pleased with this result.”


IT Client Testimonial #15

“Alex, the IT tech who assisted me in connecting my new monitor to my laptop, provided excellent customer service. Alex was professional, patient, helpful, knowledgeable, and understanding while assisting with my monitor/laptop set. He listened to my issue and was able to explain the steps clearly to me. He was patient while I followed his directions to complete the task. Not only did he set up my monitor, but he also completed other critical updates on my computer. I was lucky to have such a friendly and knowledgeable representative. He deserves recognition as one of Integris’s top IT representatives. Thank you for responding so quickly to my request for assistance. I want Integris to know how grateful I am to have excellent customer service from Alex again. Thank you.”


IT Client Testimonial #16

“Jason was awesome and patiently assisted me step-by-step to ensure everything worked before wrapping up the call. Thank you.”


IT Client Testimonial #17

“Christian was very professional, intelligent, and responsive when helping us establish a new group in Teams. He’s always an A-player on our support team!”


IT Client Testimonial #18

“Thanks for correcting the previous errors and getting this new mailbox up and running for us. Alyx quickly helped us keep this project on track.”


IT Client Testimonial #19

“Luiz was very patient with me. He ultimately solved my email issues and enlisted the support of his team to shorten the time to resolution when a few roadblocks appeared—well done, sir. Thank you so much for your time today.”


IT Client Testimonial #20

“Thank you so much to the Integris team, especially Chris, who continues providing excellent customer service. Thank you for the incredible hospitality during your in-person visit to the office. We will continue using Integris for all our IT needs.”

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IT Client Testimonial #21

“Brian is always great to have around. He works hard when he’s here on-site, ensuring everyone is cared for before he leaves.”


IT Client Testimonial #22

Glenn was awesome. I was very stressed as I was in a new location, new computer and I had to conduct a meeting. He got everything working for me in plenty of time to make and conduct my morning meeting.


IT Client Testimonial #23

“Ryan was outstanding and fixed my issues rapidly. He explained what he was doing each step of the way and made sure I didn’t need anything else before he finished the ticket. Great service! Thanks, Ryan.”


IT Client Testimonial #24

“Great job, Andrew! We had an email blocked, and the attorney needed it right away. After I submitted a support email, Andrew released the message immediately. Thanks so much.”


IT Client Testimonial #25

“Ashish was helpful, super friendly, funny, and professional in explaining everything we asked about. We really appreciate her efforts on the support call.”


IT Client Satisfaction is Driven by Responsible IT Architecture

Integris engineers and clients have one thing in common: both are blessed with systems that incorporate Responsible IT Architecture.

Responsible IT Architecture means Integris creates safe, future-focused, and fully optimized IT systems for our clients. Think of it as a comprehensive plan for the uptime, safety, and efficiency of your systems.

Like a seatbelt for your car, it runs quietly and reliably in the background, offering critical protection, and quick recovery when something goes sideways. This approach also simplifies the ticket resolution process and reduces the total volume of client ticket submissions.

Most importantly, since our engineers aren’t preoccupied putting out fires 24/7, they have plenty of time to focus on people.

Please schedule a discovery session to learn more about #PeopleFirst IT support.

Jed is a Solution Advisor at Integris who has specialized in MSP solution development, sales, and marketing communications since 2003.

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