Multi-Market IT Support Feedback


September 15, 2023

The Integris Family is in high spirits as our tech team continues to receive glowing feedback for exceptional multi-market IT support.

Every Friday, we recognize top performers with companywide praise via Teams in a series called Five Star Fridays.

IT support standouts are selected when they receive five-star client reviews, captured through an automated survey that clients receive immediately after a ticket is closed. 

The following client citations are almost verbatim with only minor edits to improve readability.


Ft. Worth IT Support Feedback

“David with Integris was very accommodating and explained my computer issue in detail. He also confirmed what my husband has told me for years: I need a new machine. Thanks to David’s expertise, my husband got a checkmark on the board for being right this year. LOL!”


Atlanta IT Support Feedback

“OMG! Leon was amazing and so patient with me. He ensured I had the applications I needed when I couldn’t navigate the system correctly.  Many times, I had calls or work stuff happening when he called during the resolution process, but he remained flexible. And his notes were so well documented it was easy for other Integris reps to stay abreast of what was happening if he was on another call when I called back. Everyone picked up right where the last person left off to fix my application access issues. This encounter was a great experience, and now my application works correctly.”


New Jersey IT Support Feedback

“I greatly value the team you have assigned to support us. Elan, Christian, and Omer are fabulous resources and are always eager to assist us. This is expected, but they truly go out of their way to be professional, responsive, and skillful. They all have such amazing demeanors to boot. I know that emails often come into our inboxes bearing negative input, so moments like this make a person’s day brighter when we receive notes of positive affirmation to shine some light on this team. They deserve a hat’s off.”


Maryland IT Support Feedback

“Kevin was prompt and flexible when arranging a time to address my issues. He was positive and went out of his way to explain what he was doing to fix the glitch. Thank you for the excellent, timely support and the successful resolution.”


Austin IT Support Feedback

“Trinity was professional, friendly, and efficient when resolving my computer issue. She is mindful of time and pays close attention to detail. She also patiently listened to me describe the problem and then worked quickly to research and resolve it.”


Dallas IT Support Feedback

“Greg was awesome. He was very accommodating and patient over the past few weeks. I’ve had several things happen to my laptop, and Greg has been a major help in effecting a resolution. I’ve received exceptional customer service. Great job, Greg!”


Wichita IT Support Feedback

“Jennifer is exceptionally professional and friendly. She was swift to diagnose and fix our printer issues. Thank you so much.”


Tyler, TX IT Support Feedback

“Beau is amazing! Y’all need to give him a raise. He is always “Johnny on the spot” fixing whatever breaks or requires updating. He’s also a strong team player, utilizing Integris team resources to resolve the issue if he doesn’t know something. We need more Beaus in the world! A truly great job, Beau!”


Rochester IT Support Feedback

“Chris jumped right in to help troubleshoot my issue with our line of business software. As it turned out, the software issue required internal resolution. Regardless, he didn’t pass the buck/do any finger-pointing. He constantly communicated and reviewed resolution options with his team to close the gap.”


Denver IT Support Feedback

“Taylor was able to get me back up and running quickly. This outcome made me very happy since I could not finish any work until he intervened. Thank you for saving the day.”


Atlanta IT Support Feedback

“David was very courteous, knowledgeable, and promptly took care of everything for me. And I appreciate his empathy. He didn’t make me feel I needed to know everything about IT.”


Austin IT Support Feedback

“I am so glad Justin is part of the Integris team. He is professional yet down to earth. He quickly informs you of any issues or delays and is excellent about following up after completing a ticket.” 


New Jersey IT Support Feedback

“Jacob was helpful, patient, and thorough. He resolved my issue quickly and thoughtfully explained things I had never considered. I truly appreciate the support and education he provided yesterday. Very refreshing!”


Ft. Worth IT Support Feedback

“Tobin is always a great help and has a wonderful attitude!” 


Responsible IT Architecture Goes Hand and Hand with 5-star IT Support  

Integris engineers and clients have a mutual superpower: Responsible IT Architecture.

Deploying Responsible IT Architecture means Integris and its clients use secure, resilient, and fully optimized IT systems that maximize uptime, cyber protection, efficiency, and quicker recovery when something breaks. 

Moreover, this setup simplifies and shortens the ticket resolution process and prevents our team from getting deluged with an unmanageable cascade of tickets.

So instead of engaging in continuous, reactive fire drills, we’re proactively focussing on the client experience.

Please schedule a discovery session to learn more about our people-first approach to IT support.

Jed is a Solution Advisor at Integris who has specialized in MSP solution development, sales, and marketing communications since 2003.

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